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'Brilliant. Virtually every small business client we mention the service to is delighted to put this into our hands. Almost without exception we find we can increase the size of their claim by substantially more than our fee. The whole process is managed by a bright young 21 year old who has completed the AVN Training day. After a month we have added £10,000 to the GRF of a department which we had been considering closing.'
Calcutt Mathews

I thought I should Write to say how encouraged my firm has been since attending the Credit workshop on 20 July.
My firm is probably a typical small practise, 120 business clients ranging from one man tradesmen to small companies with turnover of £0.5m
After the workshop last Tuesday, I stratified the practice to identify which clients might benefit from the strategies outlined in the workshop.
As I write, one week on, we have completed nine cases, discussing and agreeing strategies with those clients. The average case has enhanced each client's tax Credits by around £4400! We have agreed fees with the clients of £9900 for the work done and increased GRF by around £2000
Like many firms of accountants we have only been reactive in this area. Pro-activity can provide immediate and additional returns at a rate of around £500 per hour
Accountants who overlook this area are missing a huge opportunity. The goodwill generated with the clients involved is immeasurable.
David Scott

'MCA have used Steve and his company and his talents for over 3 years now. In my opinion, he's the UK's leading expert on Tax Credits and related matters. MCA's team had the privilege of listening to him for a full day recently and it will go down as one of the best day's of the working year. His knowledge is unsurpassed, his presentation is fantastic and I would recommend him to any UK accountant seeking to develop their Tax Credit services & skills. We look forward to working with him over many years to come on Tax Credits and then Universal Credits.'
MCA Accountants (Rochdale)

One of our clients said, “I earn too much, I have no children and when I was out of work 20 years ago it was so much hassle making a claim for benefits, I could not go through that again.” In 2009/10 he will receive £3302 in tax credits, is highly delighted and was wondering why his previous accountant had not suggested it.
Raymond Hey, Stead Robinson

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