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As accountants you are extremely good at telling your clients how to mitigate their income tax liabilities, particularly with your director/shareholder clients. But how can you possibly give that sort of advice without knowing whether your clients are in the tax credit system and whether they are receiving tax credits or not?

The advice you give to your clients could have a huge effect on their tax credit award, not only for one year, but also the following year when you take into account the income disregard. You could actually be costing your clients money with your tax planning advice.

We would encourage all accountants to take a look at tax credits for their clients - after all, with over 6 million people in the system, the likelihood is that many of your clients are already in the system, and probably your team as well!

The Tax CreditsTeam can help you make the most of this opportunity. Our systems and software are used by some of the most proactive accountants in the UK, delivering the services that their clients and your demand.

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The Tax Credits Team offer: Minimize

 Standard letters

  • Client letters
  • HMRC letters
  • Annual award letters
  • Service clarification letters
Control database to track
  • 64-8s
  • Engagement letters
  • Application forms
  • Annual declaration and review
Continual updates
  • Development and improvement plan
  • Marketing templates and systems
  • New and enhanced templates
  • Software updates to reflect changes in legislation
  • Annual updates for tax year changes
TCv3 software
  • Child Tax Credits
  • Working Tax Credits
  • Annual declaration
  • Annual review
  • Exception report
  • Award computation
Other support services
  • Assistance with value billing
  • Training courses
  • On site practice training sessions


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